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Who makes the products pictured on your website?
We make all the products we sell. All our products are made in our facilities outside Dayton, Ohio.

What material do you use to make your products?
All our products are constructed using solid red oak. We use absolutely NO particleboard. And the only plywood we use is for the backs of the models that have backs such as the cabinet models (202,302,etc.). All sides, tops, bottoms, shelves and dowels are SOLID RED OAK.

What makes the CD cabinets and DVD cabinets made by The Wood Shed different?
Our products are made, one at a time, right here in the United States using American materials and American labor.

Our materials and products are meticulously inspected before, during and after construction. There are no “seconds.”

If it isn’t good enough to put our name on it, it’s not good enough for you!

Some of the pictures on your website seem to be different colors. Why?
All the units pictured on the site are finished with the same color of oil and on oak is about the color of "Honey". The difference in color that you see is because of one or two reasons. One reason is the lighting used when the photos were taken. This accounts for most of the perceived difference. The other reason is that no two pieces of wood will accept stain the same. As you no doubt noticed from our web site, all our products are real wood and not particleboard with a veneer coating.

Are other finishes available?
Yes, we can do other finishes. We can do a Clear oil finish, a Dark oil finish which will be darker than what is pictured on our website, and we have an Unfinished option as well. All oil finishes are hand applied NOT sprayed on with a machine. Orders for finishes other than our normal one pictured on the site will take longer to process as they are not a stock item. The Honey Oak color is our standard stock color and normally this color choice will ship within a couple days. Unfinished, Clear, and Dark are special order colors, and these could take up to a week longer.

Can I order your products unfinished and stain them myself to match my present furniture?
Yes, you can order units Unfinished.

I don't see any shipping costs listed on your site. How are your products shipped?
The price listed on our website includes standard ground shipping to anywhere in the continental US. If you require a different shipping method please contact us with the model you want and your complete address, and we can get a quote for you.

I am in a hurry for my order to arrive. Can you ship by Air instead of ground?
Yes, we can ship UPS Air or FedEx Air but it is more expensive since our products are shipped assembled and air rates are based on size more than weight. Please contact us with the model you want and your complete address, and we can get a quote for you.

Do you ship to countries other than the USA?
Yes, we can ship almost anywhere in the world. Please contact us with the model you want and your complete address, and we can get a quote for you.

How much assembly time is needed on your products?
Most of our products are shipped fully assembled as it is tongue in groove joinery and screws are not used. On the larger units, you will need to install the feet. It should take less than five minutes. Shipping the models assembled may cost a few dollars more but you won't have to spend several hours putting it together.

I noticed two capacities on some of your models. Why?
The two capacities are primarily listed on our cabinet models that have a top shelf. So the first capacity would be inside the unit and the second would include the capacity using the top of the top shelf. For audio cassettes, the shelves are deep enough that, if you would like, you can put one row behind the other. They would be less accessible but Christmas cassettes out of season, less listened to tapes, etc. can be put behind your more popular ones.

Do you make any models with doors?
All our cabinet units, (models 202, 302, 402, 502, 802, & 1002) are designed for glass doors. For additional information, please call customer support at 937-429-3355.

Do you have any catalogs that show your complete product line?
When we went online several years ago, we stopped doing the full color catalogs. If we printed 10,000 catalogs they would cost us $3.50 each or about $35,000 to print. When we made even a minor change to our product line, those were obsolete, and we had to print new ones. It was very expensive and that expense obviously had to be passed on to our customers.

When we went online we realized we could keep our customers prices down by eliminating the catalog as all our products are pictured on the website and, if our products change, the site could be changed very quickly and at very little cost.

What is your return policy?
Delivery shipping is included in the quoted price of our products. We clearly state the dimensions and capacities of our products so you can make an informed decision about where you would like the location of your product to be.

If you purchase one or more of our products and, after receiving your order, realize that it is unsuitable for your needs, you may return it; however, the cost of shipping it back to us is your responsibility, as well as the cost to originally ship the order and the cost to re-carton the product for resale (see below). These costs will be deducted from your purchase price and a credit will be issued for the balance. In addition:

    All returns must be made within thirty (30) days of delivery.
    All returns must be in original box in new and unused condition with all original packing in place. If unsure how to repack the unit, please contact us.
    The customer is responsible for all shipping charges.
    The customer is responsible for the cost of a new carton (usually $1.50 to $20.00 depending on the size).
    The customer must contact us for an RMA# prior to return.
    There are no returns on custom made units.

That's it! There are no hidden fees or charges. Unlike many other online stores, we Do Not charge a 20%-25% restocking fee plus all the shipping charges. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding returns.

Do you sell refurbished products?
Yes, we do. You can find details about our refurbished items here.